IPC Academy Campus
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The IPC Academy Campus is an unique set of education programmes run throughout each edition of the Paralympic Games. Tailored to the specific requirements of future event organisers, governments, providers to the industry and others throughout the Paralympic Movement, the campus aims to enhance and improve the capability and capacity of those involved with the event. The campus is split into three distinct themes:

The Games Experience Programme looks at the strategy behind organizational factors that are directly related to the Games, such as marketing, key cost drivers for Games delivery and legacy.

The Inclusion Summit focuses on how the Paralympic Games act as a catalyst for inclusion and accessibility.

Finally the Observers Programme looks at the planning and operations behind hosting a world-class sporting event.

This programme is being delivered as follows:
IPC Academy Campus Sochi 2014
11 March - 15 March 2014
IPC Academy Campus
3 September - 5 September 2012
IPC Academy Campus
6 September - 8 September 2012