The World Academy of Sport (WAoS) delivers learning programmes for sports and event participants - athletes, managers, administrators, officials and coaches - through a series of tailored educational programmes.
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First stage of Educator Workforce programme hailed a success jumpstarting FIH’s Hockey Academy
7 May 2014

FIH’s Hockey Academy is officially live and set to provide educational resources world-wide
• First stage of Educator Workforce programme hailed a success
• ‘START Hockey’ online programme available for everyone

The International Hockey Federation’s (FIH) Hockey Academy is now live thanks to the delivery of stage one of the Educator Workforce programme alongside the launch of the START Hockey on-line programme. In partnership with the World Academy of Sport, the FIH Hockey Academy aims to deliver a simplified education framework for nations and continents to develop coaches, officials and managers from grass roots through to a high performance level.

Stage one of the Educator Workforce programme started during the Champions Challenge 1 in Glasgow, Scotland.  A series of courses were held including Trainer training, Coach Educator training and a pilot of the FIH Hockey Academy Coach Level 1 Award. The FIH Hockey Academy Educator Workforce defines three levels – a Trainer, who trains Educators; an Educator, who educates coaches or officials; and a Coach, who coaches athletes.

Coaches were nominated by their Continental Federation to attend the Trainer and Coach Educator programmes. As a result of the three courses, the FIH Hockey Academy now has four qualified Trainers and 13 qualified Coach Educators. In addition, 22 Scottish candidates were the first to receive the new FIH Hockey Academy Coach Level 1 Award.
“It has been a fantastic few days that has really challenged the way we educate coaches,” said Norbert Nederlof, an FIH Senior Coach from the Netherlands, who was nominated by the Euro Hockey Federation and is now a qualified FIH Hockey Academy Coach Educator. “It has been a strong learning environment that has encouraged us to fail and succeed. It is great to see the FIH taking the lead in coach education.”

The START Hockey online programme is also now live. This online entry-level programme is open, and free, to anyone in the world of hockey, whether they watch, play, run or support the game. The online content walks participants through modules on different topics of hockey such as rules, safety, equipment and history. On completion of the programme, participants can then choose to continue to one of three development pathways – Coaching, Officiating or Management.

“We are very pleased with the launch of START Hockey as well as the Educator Workforce programme that took place this week in Glasgow,” remarked Kelly Fairweather, FIH CEO. “There has been a lot of work undertaken over the past 12 months to establish the FIH Hockey Academy and great input by the expert panel to develop a framework for world-wide delivery. The first stage has provided 13 certified Coach Educators, and we will quickly develop a global workforce to service the needs of our National Associations.”
The FIH Hockey Academy will be developed over the coming months and will include further coaching levels, as well as programmes for the development of officials and managers.

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About the FIH Hockey Academy
The FIH, in partnership with World Academy of Sport, is initiating a series of educational programmes under the banner of the FIH Hockey Academy. The aim of the FIH Hockey Academy is to provide a simplified education framework for nations and continents to be able to develop coaches, officials and managers from grass roots through to a high performance level. All nations will have the opportunity to access the programme pathway at an appropriate level.
For more detail on the programme components, please e-mail Mike Joyce, FIH Sport Project Coordinator, at
For more information visit the FIH Hockey Academy online at:
FIH Hockey Academy – Glasgow Programmes
Supported by Scottish Hockey & University of Strathclyde
Qualified as Trainer & Coach Educator: John Mowat (AUS/OHF), Rodolfo Mendoza (ARG/PAHF), Shiaz Virjee (CAN/PAHF), Mike Joyce (FIH)
Qualified as Coach Educator: Colleen Reid (SCO/EHF), Duncan Robertson* (NZL/OHF), Ernesto Lucerno (ARG/PAHF), Herman Kruis (NED/EHF), Lucho Pacheco (PER/PAHF/EHF), Norbert Nederlof (NED/EHF), Norman Hughes (EHF), Tahir Zaman (PAK/AHF), Tomislav Jamicic (CRO/EHF)

About World Academy of Sport
The World Academy of Sport is the world’s leading educational partner to International Sporting Federations and their member constituents worldwide. The Academy offers a wide range of educational programmes with a global reach for sport and event participants from athletes and event organizers to administrators and managers.
It has established specific education partner academies with International Sport Federations representing over 800 national federations, providing tailored education for their members, including:
International Basketball Federation (FIBA)
International Ski Federation (FIS)
International Rugby Board (IRB)
International Paralympic Committee (IPC)
International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA)
International Cricket Council (ICC)
International Hockey Federation (FIH)
World Badminton Federation (WBF)