The World Academy of Sport (WAoS) delivers learning programmes for sports and event participants - athletes, managers, administrators, officials and coaches - through a series of tailored educational programmes.
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The 2016 IPC Academy Campus has ‘opened its doors’!
6 September 2016

The 2016 IPC Academy Campus is now officially underway in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Over the next two weeks it will welcome over 500 representatives from the Organising Committees of the forthcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games in PyeongChang, Tokyo and Beijing alongside observers from Candidate Cities, other major events, International Federations, government entities and leading commercial partners.


Delivered by the IPC Academy - the educational division created in 2009 as a partnership between the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the World Academy of Sport (WAoS) – the 2016 IPC Academy Campus (4-17 September) is a unique event-based learning initiative that gives stakeholders of major sports events the chance to learn from their peers during the Paralympic Games. The IPC Academy Campus features an Observers’ Programme, Games Experience Programme, Inclusion Summit and a Closing Cocktail Reception.


The Observers’ Programme is now underway with observers already experiencing what goes on behind the scenes during a run through of the Opening Ceremony for the Paralympic Games. Over the next two weeks, representatives from the IPC and Rio 2016 will be sharing their knowledge and experience through a series of venue visits, roundtable discussions and operational observation visits facilitated by programme leads from the IPC Academy, utilising WAoS Event Learning Methodologies. From Logistics, Marketing, Technology, Media Experience & Operations though to Transport, Medical & Anti-Doping and Arrivals & Departures among other areas, delegates will be able to experience first-hand how the Paralympics Games works in operations mode and garner invaluable learnings for their own major events and organisations.


“I am looking forward to seeing all participants with all their different backgrounds come together to share their sports experiences but also to learn from each other and create a unique atmosphere in Rio de Janeiro,” says Xavier Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer of the IPC. “Different types of programme activities will ensure that diverse individual needs will be met and that the benefits of observation will be maximised. The variety of themes have also been significantly increased throughout the years. This is the third edition of Campus and it now includes 15 days of action and a total of 80 different activities for Event Organisers.”


The aim of the Observers’ Programme is for observers’ to:

  • Provide the opportunity to meet experienced OCOG Functional Managers, ‘client owners’ and venue general managers and to benefit from their expertise.
  • Allow the observation of Games functions, processes and staff in Games mode.
  • Understand the physical Games environment.
  • Benefit from commentary and analysis by Paralympic Games’ functional specialists (IPC Staff & Advisors).
  • Highlight Paralympic distinctive elements in the presentation and operations of the Paralympic Games.


The Observers Programme is tailored to the needs of Organising Committees of Olympic and Paralympic Games and other major event organisers. The Games Experience Programme meanwhile features event learnings for governments and those within the supply chain of major event delivery and the Inclusion Summit showcases the remarkable work that the Paralympics can create towards a more inclusive and harmonious society.


“Each of these programmes provides unique learning opportunities and it is within this context that we have created the IPC Academy Campus 2016 for us all to learn and share experiences throughout these Paralympic Games,” says Gonzalez.


Looking ahead to the Games themselves, he adds: “Rio will provide a perfect backdrop for the Games with its stunning landmarks, from Sugar Loaf Mountain to Christ the Redeemer, the Lago and much more. I also hope that the Brazilians will create a special atmosphere, cheering on their athletes in the city and in the venues.”


About IPC Academy Campus


The IPC Academy Campus is taking place in Rio de Janeiro between 4-17 September 2016.

Its Event Partners include the Adecco Group and the UK’s Department for International Trade. Its Media Partners are Sportcal (Intelligence Partner), Major Events International (Digest Partner), Around the Rings (Online Partner), Host City (Magazine Partner) and AXS Chat (Social Media Partner).


For further information about the the IPC Academy Campus, please visit or contact Claire Bennett, Project Coordinator, World Academy of Sport


Tweets can be shared using: #CampusRio2016  and/or #inclusionsummit.