The World Academy of Sport is committed to assisting athletes on this journey through working with all those involved in their education  to understand the unique needs that must be balanced by athletes in such circumstances. Schools working with the World Academy of Sport can become accredited as Athlete Friendly Education Centres (AFEC).







Accreditation Criteria

To become an Athlete Friendly Education Centre, a school will show competence in the following criteria:

Olympian Assessors

Following receipt of a schools expression of interest form schools with be allocated an assessment team for the duration of the accreditation process. WAoS is fortunate to have available Olympians as Assessors who will form part of these teams.


Through relationships with the likes of the World Olympians Association WAoS has trained Olympians to fulfil an important role in the assessment of schools to be athlete friendly. Olympians can provide a perspective through personal experience of being a student athlete. Which provides unique and tangible  insights for schools



Accreditation Fees & Process

To commence your school accreditation please submit your expression of interest.

Use the link below to access the form.

School Structure

  • The ability for teachers to adapt curriculum to fit with student training, travel and completion schedule.

  • Number of students in the programme in order to maintain academic standards and integration with “mainstream” students.

Support Services

  • A pastoral care policy that understands the unique and demanding lifestyle of athletes seeking to combine both a sporting and education career.

  • The structuring of Human Resource Support, at a pastoral support level.

  • An entourage support and management programme that takes into account the symbiotic needs of the athlete and their entourage.


Policies & Procedures

  •  The structuring of Human Resource Support, at a teaching and coaching level.

  • The qualifications of staff designated in each area and an identified continuous improvement programme.

  • Communication Infrastructure and established partnerships with National Sport Federations.



  • Quality and proximity of both education and sporting infrastructure.

  • Access to support service infrastructure such as sports science and medicine.

  • Where appropriate, athlete accommodation options.


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