Athlete Certificate

The Athlete Certificate aims to provide an understanding as well as the tools needed for young people to become successful and knowledgeable athletes. The course is aimed at student-athletes aged from 15 years but also will apply to young adults at the beginning of the athlete journey. The course has been designed and written by content writers who work regularly with athletes and overseen by an expert reference group representing a number of international federations.








For schools and groups and federations interested in bulk vouchers, please contact awilliams@worldacademysport.com

Professional Development

AFEC PD Workshoops are currently available to staff from accredited AFEC schools and are part of the overall AFEC accreditation framework.


A learning by doing workshop which is designed to provide professional development training to school staff who are responsible for providing athlete-friendly education services. These workshops will provide participants with the necessary tools and techniques to be able to produce a student-athlete services plan as well as being able to apply theoretical principles and knowledge gained from presentations, case studies and facilitated discussion to their own school setting in order to maximise the practical value from the workshop.


For IB schools, this 2.5-day workshop is a recognised Category 3 IB workshop.



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