IPC Beijing 2022 Excellence Programme (Attendance)

The Beijing 2022 Excellence Programme is provided by the IPC Academy as an innovative and unique approach to further enhance the transfer of knowledge for Paralympic Games through Paralympic specific activities which link to the workflow of Beijing 2022 throughout its planning phases. This programme will also help to create a lasting legacy of local leaders to support the ongoing economic growth and global profile of Beijing, its region and also China.

The IPC Academy will utilize the expertise of the IPC’s network of Paralympic experts in various fields combined with global industry experts affiliated to the World Academy of Sport. This combined effort guarantees not only the specific Paralympic Knowledge required but also the most up-to-date industry standards.

Benefits of attending
  • Exposure to Paralympic specific education and learning in a format that promotes best practice and knowledge sharing across the OCOG
  • Ongoing mentoring and consultation provided as required by a network of Paralympic and industry experts
Who should attend?

Each workshop is tailor made for the anticipated needs of the middle and senior management of the relevant functional areas of the Beijing 2022 Organising Committee. In addition, workshops are designed in a way that will benefit external stakeholders and appropriate key delivery partners including local, regional and national government representatives.

For more information on this programme, please contact the World Academy of Sport on +44 (0)161 639 0950 or email us