The World Academy of Sport (WAoS) delivers learning programmes for sports and event participants - athletes, managers, administrators, officials and coaches - through a series of tailored educational programmes.
The WAoS provides a rigorous certification process for each programme within its portfolio

The WAoS provides a rigorous and robust quality assurance process for every programme throughout its portfolio no matter the format of delivery. This means the WAoS provides industry certification backed by various independent, quality frameworks which ensure excellence in programme delivery.

This convention began with the establishment of the WAoS International Advisory Board, comprising a broad cross section of highly regarded individuals from the sporting and education industry, who have the remit to warrant programmes and ensure they are aligned with industry need and of best practice.

Programme portfolios are managed to ensure certified design, development and delivery standards are achieved and maintained as a result of the following key structural initiatives.

Executive Education

A WAoS Curriculum Advisory Group is established for each programme to oversee the design and development processes. Experienced WAoS certified programme leads are charged with ensuring quality delivery of the programme.

Train the Trainer

The WAoS Master Trainer Advisory Group advises on updates and improvements to Trainer and Educator Programmes. Lead Trainers are appointed for each programme and ongoing competency assessment and review is instilled at all levels of the process and for all certified individuals.


A WAoS Expert Panel is selected during the design and development stages of all online programmes to ensure both education outcomes are clearly defined and content development is of best practice in order to achieve agreed learning outcomes. Online programmes are often part of a broader learning pathway incorporating other modes of delivery and, where this occurs, the educational framework is first agreed before content development is undertaken. Finally, quality assurance is maintained across all programme delivery.


Underpinning the various programme activities of the WAoS is an accreditation framework whereby various individuals and organisations are licenced to use the WAoS quality mark including: